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We at Rowalim Technologies are a 15 year old software development company. We started off developing software applications in 2001.  Since 2010, In an environment driven by gut instinct or high cost/high risk business intelligence platforms, the world was primed for a change. We found a powerful analysis tool set and a few rebellious personalities, then we led the revolution with Tableau Support & Tableau Consulting, data training and BI best practices.

We aspire to become a dependable, trust worthy patrner to our clients,  We are a group of 6 guys who work out of our Delhi office  who have the ability to create awesome solutions.. 

Tableau Data Visualization:

Analyze data and take action faster
Immense volumes of valuable data are rapidly piling up. Organizations need ways to more easily interpret and take action on it.
Static data tables and charts are dead. People need visual storytelling to more quickly gain insights in a simple and meaningful way. When you can make the data tell a visual story it becomes intuitive and engaging.
This is where Tableau data visualization comes in.
You will be able to quickly answer inquisitive questions such as...
  • where is our growth coming from?
  • where are our sales declining? Why?
  • how is our product mix?
  • how are new products performing?
  • who is our audience?
  • what are they interested in?
  • what marketing efforts are or aren't working?

Your organization needs:
  • help with the data that is stacking up
  • education around data visualization and interactive dashboards
  • help with data integration (transforming and cleansing messy and unstructured data)
  • strategy and guidance in identifying KPIs and designing visualizations
  • implementation of business intelligence solutions likeTableau Server

Blast will help you:
  • connect your data
  • investigate problems
  • ask new questions
  • discover opportunities
  • take action
  • measure impact

Data Visualization Benefits:
  • faster path to answers
  • unexpected discoveries
  • improved business understanding
  • increased return on analytics
  • increased analytics maturity
  • improved resource prioritization and utilization

We have three models to engage customer:
  • On daily basis
  • Weekly basis and
  • Monthly basis
We can give you a free session of consulting to explore what value add we can bring to the table. For a free consulting session reach us at:

 Support Plans

One Day plan: $199
Weekly plan: $499
Monthly Plan: $1499