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Why should one go for tableau.? 

If your goal is to become a data scientist, the basic step one should opt for is to learn tableau. I must say your internal customers (marketing, sales, operations) will be using tableau or something similar.

Let's give a brief space to what tableau exactly is:

Tableau is a Business Intelligence (BI) tool that can help you create beautiful and visually-appealing reports, charts, graphs and dashboards using your data. This data visualization software is extremely fast and easy to use as it has a drag and drop interface. Tableau helps you visually analyze your big data and it can be great catalyst in helping you solve representation of data and also can be very helpful in finding solutions to a lot of problems. You only have to invest few weeks for learning tableau and you will take another precious steps towards your success. The challenge of learning tableau will make your job more interesting because you surely gonna enjoy the exciting discoveries of innovative solutions to complex problems that will definitely lead to several successful visualizations.

Attending Tableau training or data visualization workshops can help you take your skills a significant step forward in a short amount of time. Training and workshops can help you in one way but studying through books can add more to your learning process. It may sound cliché, but there are simply good books on tableau available to learn from. Nowadays, there are dozens of such resources available.
There is a well said phrase that " Practice makes a person perfect." If not being perfect one can reach more close to the perfection if one puts his/her efforts and believe or not, there is no substitute for practicing on regular basis and for on the job training with your own data and unique business problems.

Well, the more challenges you come across, the more unique tools you get to add to your tool-belt.

Benefits of tableau Certification and Training

Tableau, the best one tool for building data visualization. Tableau is accelerating with rocket speed in the market. It is the 21st century business intelligence tool as it provides you predictive analytics and insights from its intelligence as a modern tool. Both for technical and non-technical people, Tableau is simple and powerful tool. Tableau has a hot market, there are like hundreds of benefits we can get after studying Tableau or getting some sort of training. As Tableau desktop fulfills a huge need in business analysis work, where user without a computer science degree, development skills, or SOL query experience can accepts and interrogate large volume of data.
Tableau offers wide range of connectivity options for almost any database or cloud base or otherwise any recent added the ability to develop your own 'web data connector' to pull data from web APIs directly.
Tableau along with data cleansing and transformation tools allow people to easily visualize that data in new and interesting ways. TABLEAU TOOL opens up all sort of possibilities for us at diginomica and for anyone who needs to heft data into a form that both makes senses and is actionable.
In short and used correctly, Tableau will help make us smarter with data that today is hard for us to parse.  
Tableau helps go a long way towards doing that with the added benefits of allowing users to explore the data for themselves. It is that interactive quality that makes it so much more useful and accessible as a discussion and decision making tool.
"This course on tableau will get you completely excited about the powerful potential of your everyday reports. A life-changer." - Irving Weiss.
Tableau creates interactive plots very quickly and also builds interactive dashboards using a GUI.
In case of growth, tableau has been named a leader in the magic quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics. Here's a platform report by Gartner.

(Source- Gartner) Last but not the least, Tableau is easy to learn when the training is of right type. There's a long way to go with a certificate and experience of Tableau!!
Tableau Report Source Gartner
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