Business intelligence

Tableau Support Services
In an environment historically driven by gut instinct or high cost/high risk business intelligence platform stacks, the world was primed for a change. By finding a powerful data analysis toolset and a few rebellious personalities, Rowalim has led the revolution by bringing the data movement and rapid BI into organizations of all sizes.

From the desktop to the boardroom, the data revolution changed everything.

We’re not trying to sound like data hipsters, but Rowalim has been delivering business intelligence solutions long before they were cool. We've lived the life and we wrote the book. Our experience enables us to deliver comprehensive business intelligence solutions from planning and architecture to implementation and analysis.

Data Visualization
The availability of rapid, self-service visual analytics tools helped to define the data movement within Business Intelligence. From casual media consumption to corporate financial reporting, the move from spreadsheets and static reports to customized dashboards and interactive presentations has empowered all of us to make informed decisions like never before.

Driving Adoption
Here's the common story: A rogue analyst with a curious mind downloads the Tableau Software Trial and their mind is blown. After a short time, she sends out some amazing dashboards that get the attention of others in the company -- the 'rogue' is now a 'champion' and Tableau is approved. What's next? How do you take one enthusiastic champion and create a culture of analytics within your company?