Jiangxi Key Laboratory of hydrology, water resources and water environment

The Key Laboratory of Hydrology, Water Resources and Water Environment of Jiangxi Province is based on Nanchang Engineering College. Aiming at the main "water" problems in the construction of "Poyang Lake Eco-economic Zone", the water cycle and water resources security, water ecology and water environment evolution rules are carried out in the basin of "Five Rivers, One Lake" and "Poyang Lake" in Jiangxi Province. Theories, methods and applications of laws, water and soil erosion and ecological restoration in river basins have gradually developed into an open and influential area at home and abroad, taking the organic combination of basic research, applied basic research and demonstration and promotion as a paradigm, providing technical support for the sustainable utilization of regional water resources and the construction of ecological environment. Multidisciplinary and comprehensive academic exchange base, theory and application talent training base, scientific and technological innovation and achievement transformation base. The major scientific problems to be solved are:

(1) water cycle and water resources safety

Water cycle process and its response mechanism under the dual action of natural and human activities, regional water resources evolution law; hydrological model development and its systematic simulation of hydrological and water resources; research and development of real-time monitoring system for watershed water resources, sustainable utilization and optimal allocation of regional water resources; reservoir ecological optimal dispatching technology, hydraulic construction Material safety, dynamic monitoring and information analysis.

(2) evolution law of water ecology and water environment

Stress analysis model and control measures of river ecosystem; correlation and transition mechanism of complex stable state of lake ecosystem in Poyang Lake; response of lake environment and ecosystem to major water conservancy projects; formation mechanism of lake water resources, maintenance mechanism of renewability and spatio-temporal change law; river-to-lake relationship The health standard and evaluation index system of lake-basin; the pollution load model and water quality model of hilly area based on digital basin system.

(3) soil erosion and ecological restoration in Watershed

Effects of soil and water loss on river sediment, river water quality and basic ecological water use of river and lake ecosystems; effects of basin mountain development on water environment and water quality of important water sources; comprehensive management of small watershed and prevention and control and restoration of soil and water loss under forests; prevention and control of soil and water loss and ecological restoration of development and construction activities; ecological services of water resources in river basins Value assessment, ecological compensation elements and their interrelationships, dynamic model of ecological compensation and ecological co-construction and sharing mechanism, quantitative standards and ways of compensation, and stakeholders of ecological compensation in river basins.

The implementation of the laboratory program adheres to the principle of "strengthening the characteristics and highlighting the advantages", focusing on the basic theoretical research and personnel training of hydrology, water resources and water environment, strengthening the research and development of applied technology, and striving to realize the mutual promotion of academic research and application of laboratories in the field of this subject, so as to serve as the Poyang Lake Eco-economic Zone of Jiangxi Province. Construction, Jiangxi Southern Soviet Area Revitalization and Development Strategic Services, solve the technical problems in production and construction, and make our theoretical research in this field at an advanced level, leading in some research areas.

In the research, we should look around the world, find breakthroughs in this field, expand 1-2 research directions, select major research directions to tackle key problems, strive to form research topics with distinctive features and outstanding advantages, and at the same time, make meaningful theoretical guidance for production practice in technology transformation and scientific and technological services, so as to make the laboratory become a laboratory. Discipline construction and research base, and strive to achieve the national key laboratory level.


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