Jiangxi ecological water conservancy Collaborative Innovation Center

On August 15, 2015, the office of Jiangxi Provincial Education Department issued the document of Jiangxi Provincial Education Department (Ganjiao Gaozi [2015] 48), which issued the notice of approval for the establishment of Jiangxi Eco-Water Conservancy Cooperative Innovation Center. This means that the "Jiangxi ecological water conservancy Collaborative Innovation Center" was formally established. The center is led by "Nanchang Engineering College". Its main participating units are: State Key Laboratory of Hydrology, Water Resources and Water Conservancy Engineering Sciences, Jiangxi Water Conservancy Department (Institute of Water Conservancy Sciences, Academy of Soil and Water Conservation Sciences, Hydrology Bureau, Scenic Spot Office), Scenic Spot Office of Ministry of Water Conservancy, School of Water Conservancy and Hydropower of Wuhan University. State Key Laboratory of Computer Science, Institute of Software Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jiangxi Institute of Environmental Sciences, Gezhouba Group Co., Ltd.

The overall anticipated scientific and technological output of this collaborative innovation center is based on "ecological water conservancy project and its ecological function evaluation, integrated application of information technology of ecological hydrology and water resources, prevention and control of soil erosion and ecological restoration in typical source areas of southern China, construction and management of Intelligent Water Conservancy Scenic spots", and coordinated development of water conservancy, forestry and environmental protection. Innovative research on major needs and major scientific issues of the environment industry and Jiangxi Province has put forward innovative theories and methods in new disciplines such as water resources scenic spots and ecological theory, developed new technologies with independent intellectual property rights, achieved a number of significant symbolic results, accelerated the transformation and promotion of achievements, and achieved certain economic results. Benefits, good social benefits and obvious ecological benefits. Through collaborative tackling key problems, we can obtain academic achievements with certain influence both at home and abroad, ensure that the discipline level is firmly in the leading position in China, and further develop the research characteristics and discipline advantages to lead the frontier of discipline development.

During the whole construction of the center, the leading units will raise a total of 65.8 million yuan for the construction of hydraulic hall (6 million yuan), artificial rainfall hall (4 million yuan), structural hall (40 million yuan), Biotechnology Center (2.8 million yuan), Ecological Science Park Phase II (3 million yuan), field research base (10 million yuan). ). Two provincial and ministerial key laboratories, including ecological water conservancy projects, restoration of degraded ecosystems in Jiangxi Province and ecological hydrology in river basins, are declared, with a total investment of 20 million yuan planned. We will start the evaluation of the open fund projects and set up 10 open fund projects. Through four years of construction, the center is expected to obtain the following specific scientific research output: more than 80 provincial and ministerial-level scientific research projects with a total funding of 40 million yuan; more than 300 academic papers and more than 10 works; 8 provincial-level scientific and technological awards and 16 patents.

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