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About the School of Hydraulic & Ecological Engineering


The School of Hydraulic & Ecological Engineering is a combination of the original Hydraulic Engineering Department and the Ecological Environment Department.  It is quite a distinctive school.

The school has 113 faculty members -- 6 professors, 33 associate professors, and 69 lecturers. Among them, 46 hold doctor’s degrees, 51 master’s degrees, and they account for 85.8% of the total number of teachers. Currently, there are 2,690 students in the school, including 91 graduate students, 2287 undergraduates and 312 non-degree students.

It has 9 undergraduate majors: Hydraulic & Hydropower Engineering, Soil & Water Conservation and Desertification Prevention, Landscape Architecture, Surveying & Mapping Engineering, Hydrology & Water Resources Engineering, Agricultural Water Conservancy Engineering, Geological Engineering, Landscape & Garden Design, and, Port, Waterway & Coastal engineering. Among them, hydraulic & hydropower engineering is the national-level special discipline, soil & water conservation and desertification control is the Jiangxi provincial level special discipline; And the two are also the Ministry of Education’s  Excellent Engineer Education & Training Program and Jiangxi Province’s Excellent Engineer Education & Training Program; Landscape Design and Agricultural water conservancy engineering are the Ministry of education, Ministry of agriculture and the State Forestry Administration’s Education Reform Pilot Program For Excellent Talents In Agriculture and Forestry and Jiangxi province’s Education Program For Excellent Talents In Agriculture and Forestry; Hydraulic & Hydropower Engineering, Hydrology & Water Resources Engineering, and Surveying & Mapping Engineering have been approved as Jiangxi Province’s Comprehensive Reform Pilot Disciplines; The "Soil & water conservation engineering application-oriented talent training pattern experimentation area" has been approved as a provincial-level talent training pattern reform experimentation area; The employment rate and the postgraduate admission rate of graduates of all majors rank one of the highest in Jiangxi Province.

The school has masters degree programs in fields of Hydrology & Water Resources, Hydraulic & Hydropower Engineering, and Soil & Water Conservation. Our postgraduate education & innovation base in hydraulic engineering was approved as the Jiangxi Provincial postgraduate education innovation base. We have also established postgraduate training workstations in many research institutes and enterprises, such as China Gezhouba Group International Engineering Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Hydraulic Research Institute, Jiangxi Soil & Water Conservation Research Institute, Gangzhou Water Conservancy & Hydropower Design Institute, and Jiujiang Water Conservancy & Hydropower Design Institute. In 2015, our post doctoral innovation practice base at the Jiangxi research center of water project safety & resource efficient utilization was approved. It, jointly with China Institute of Water Resources & Hydropower Research, recruits postdoctoral researchers.

The school has several research platforms, such as the national-level platform -- National and Provincial Joint Engineering Laboratory for the Hydraulic Engineering Safety and Efficient Utilization of Water Resources of Poyang Lake Basin (NHEP), and 5 provincial key research platforms -- Jiangxi Provincial Eco-hydraulic Collaborative Innovation Center, Jiangxi Key Laboratory of Hydrology-Water Resources and Water Environment, Jiangxi Research Center of Water Project Safety & Water Resources Efficient Utilization, Jiangxi Provincial Key Laboratory for Restoration of Degraded Ecosystems & Watershed Eco-hydrology, Key Laboratory of Soil and Plant Ecology of Jiangxi Province. Our discipline of Hydraulic Engineering is one of the first-batch leading disciplines for the Discipline Alliance of Universities in Jiangxi province, 2 disciplines - Hydraulic & hydropower engineering, and, soil & water conservation and desertification control- are the 12th Five-Year-Plan Key Disciplines in the universities in Jiangxi province. Among them, the hydraulic & hydropower engineering is the only discipline in Jiangxi province that is evaluated as the best secondary discipline. There are also three school-level research institutions -- Poyang Lake Research Institute, Hydraulic Engineering Research Center and Ecological Research Institute. It has 60 laboratories, including hydraulic engineering experiment center, hydrology & water resources and water environment monitoring and experimental center, surveying & mapping engineering experiment center, soil & water conservation experiment center, plant technology experiment center, irrigation & drainage experiment center, ecological science & technology park, etc. The value of instruments and equipment is more than 47 million yuan. Among them, the surveying & mapping engineering experiment center is the experimental teaching demonstration center of colleges and universities in Jiangxi Province. At the same time, 29 off-campus internship training bases have been built.

In recent years, the school has fully utilized its own advantages and actively carried out scientific research and social services.It has successively accomplished a number of high-level scientific research achievements, won two provincial-level scientific and technological progress awards. It has carried out 28 national research projects, such as the projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 43 provincial research projects and more than 100 projects of other sources. The research funding has exceeded 30 million yuan, and more than 260 academic papers have been published. Among them, more than 200 papers have been published in key journals. And 15 academic monographs and textbooks have been published. 

The College adheres to the motto - "Learn broadly about the rivers and mountains, act sincerely with single-hearted devotion”,and the educational philosophy - “Combining water conservancy with ecology, incorporating engineering with science; promoting both practical and academic, paying equal attention to specialization and wide learning; serving Jiangxi and working for the water conservancy industry”, reforms and innovates with keen determination, focuses on cultivating talents, strengthens undergraduate and graduate education; takes scientific research as the leading line, and strengthens the construction of the disciplines; with the building of outstanding personal as a fundamental measure, enhances the level and ability of technological innovation and social services; strengthens the organizational construction, deepens teaching reform, builds the strong disciplines and make them even stronger; focuses efforts to improve the quality of training, and provides intellectual support and delivers talents for water industry and local economic development. 


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